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Growing up, Mother likely provided you with innumerable instructions about how to behave appropriately. Although she may have let you get away with saying “Yuk, I hate turnips,” when you were aged three at the family dinner table, you learned along the way not to say that when you were a guest at Aunt Doris’s […]

Of the writings of French philosopher, playwright, and poet Voltaire, one of his most notable pronouncements was “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”  This statement not only embodies but undergirds one of our most precious liberties, as guaranteed in the […]

Sex, religion, and politics, so goes the wise adage, are three subjects to steer clear of in polite conversations—particularly with people whose views you might not know—so as to avoid potentially inflammatory disagreements fueled by the passionate views of polar opposites.  If we follow that advice, our discussions, it is suggested, have a greater likelihood—than […]

On February 22nd, we honor the birthday of President George Washington, Father of Our Country, officially celebrated on the third Monday of February.  Although myths regarding this legendary figure abound—most notably, his proclaimed response “I cannot tell a lie” when his father asked his son if he had cut down that cherry tree—Washington was notably […]

With the Presidents’ Day weekend just around the corner, many will take advantage of their kids’ time off from school and head off for a mid-winter break. As with any holiday season, discounts are fewer, lines are longer, planes more crowded, and roadways frequently more congested—due to traffic or inclement weather conditions—all of which can […]

Our current-day penchant for and tolerance of bad behavior and manners is not confined to our American shores.  According to an article in the New York Times, older generations in Korea are noting this same behavioral trend amongst their younger population, much to their consternation.  While the Korean economy has made great strides in recent […]

Last week, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer created a bruhaha when she was photographed pointing her index finger at President Obama as the two stood on the tarmac next to Air Force One.  Although the Governor’s face was shielded from the camera, it was apparent from the President’s facial expression that their discussion was possibly heated, […]

Over the past few weeks, a sizeable area of our country—as in forty-nine out of fifty states—reported accumulations of snow.  In some areas, such as Seattle, the storm was an unexpected surprise (resulting in more than 700 traffic accidents), whereas it was “winter-as-usual” in the Midwest and New England.  Whether you delight or agonize when […]

It’s January, and the cold weather has finally descended upon us.  One thing worse than being cold, is catching a cold…or the flu…or worse.  There are, of course, some preventative measures that you can take, such as washing your hands, or perhaps not even shaking hands with someone whom you know is ill.  However, what […]

Over the Christmas holidays, I was invited to make a presentation on civility at the Greenbrier Hotel in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia as part of their holiday calendar of events.  As a native of that state, I felt like I was not only going “home” but had, in fact, stepped back in time.  The […]