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Growing up, Mother likely provided you with innumerable instructions about how to behave appropriately. Although she may have let you get away with saying “Yuk, I hate turnips,” when you were aged three at the family dinner table, you learned along the way not to say that when you were a guest at Aunt Doris’s […]

With the Presidents’ Day weekend just around the corner, many will take advantage of their kids’ time off from school and head off for a mid-winter break. As with any holiday season, discounts are fewer, lines are longer, planes more crowded, and roadways frequently more congested—due to traffic or inclement weather conditions—all of which can […]

Civility is all about how we can live in community together, treating one another with respect and courtesy.  As the population density of our planet increases, civility becomes an even more essential component to our getting along.  While we’re sometimes tempted to ignore the madding crowds, our awareness and consideration of those in our midst […]