Sara Hacala, president of Sara Hacala & Associates LLC, is an accomplished certified business etiquette and protocol trainer, and civility lecturer, on college campuses and at corporations, national conferences, and organizations.  She also works in high schools with “at risk” students, teaching vital interpersonal skills to help them access the business arena and increase their opportunities for success.

Her passionate mission is to spread the word as to how our positive behavior—powerful and contagious—can bring us closer together, deepen our interpersonal relationships, and help us to lead more productive and satisfying lives.  Respect and consideration, she firmly believes, can shape the civility of the planet and foster personal and global human connections, resulting in our greater awareness, understanding, and, ultimately, acceptance of all people in the world.

In Saving Civility: 52 Ways to Tame Rude, Crude, and Attitude for a Polite Planet, Ms. Hacala explores how we, as individuals, can each contribute to making the world a more pleasant place to live.  The tools provided in the “Polite Planet Action Guide” show how small things truly make a difference, in our own and others’ lives.  Far from being utopian or “Pollyanna” notions, her conclusions incorporate the research of world-renowned social psychologists and scientists on human behavior. The “golden egg” is that civility facilitates progress in problem solving—whether that is in business, government, or personal relationships.

Growing up south of the Mason-Dixon line where manners were an integral part of life, Ms. Hacala learned early on the ritualized ways of conveying respect and treating others well, traditions that are rapidly fading in a hectic world where communication with one another is screen-to-screen, devoid of interpersonal contact.  When that art is lost or missing, we spin out of control into chaos.  In a cacophonous sphere where everyone talks and nobody listens, we are, she believes, fast approaching that danger zone.  Having the crucial ability to develop and maintain meaningful relationships provides the essential grease that makes our lives as well as the world go round.

Ms. Hacala is a graduate of the Protocol School of Washington.  Her previous education included a B.A. in Political Science from Boston University and completion of graduate credits at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, in Radio, Television, and Motion Pictures.  She lives in Connecticut with Tom, her husband of thirty-six years.  Their daughter is now a student at the University of Michigan.



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