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Civility is more than polite courtesies; it provides a platform for respectful communication that allows us to connect, cooperate, and collaborate with others, developing relationships. Civility, thus, is an essential component that promotes human sustainability on the planet.  The 52 principles in the Polite Planet Action Guide of Saving Civility can be applied to virtually every sector of our personal and professional lives:

  1. Interpersonal relationships within families and among friends can be more harmonious and meaningful.

  2. Savvy corporations, small business, and professional venues that establish and model civility codes, ensuring a work environment where employees feel safe and productive, and where customers are valued, can benefit their bottom line. The guidelines in Saving Civility promote appropriate conduct, which can be used to supplement staff leadership and development training.

  3. Healthcare organizations can heighten patient-centeredness, through respect, attentive listening, compassion, and trust. Adherence by professionals to an established civility policy can help assure patient safety by minimizing acts of bullying and covering mistakes. 

  4. Communities can develop and implement programs, based on local needs and objectives, through branches of national institutions or volunteer organizations.

  5. Governing bodies—local and national—can become more effective and efficient by endorsing and practicing the interactive behavioral guidelines in Saving Civility.

  6. College campuses can utilize Saving Civility as a model for respectful behavior initiatives.

  7. Schools can benefit by improving relationships among faculty members,  administrators, and parents.  Students are never too young to learn the importance of treating others with respect and kindness.

Together, we can create a

Polite Planet!

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